Friday, June 6, 2014

OPW Report #3 – week 2nd-3rd

Having many translators contributing in our local GNOME Translation Team is of course a fortunate fact. The difficulty however, which generally handles such a multitudinous group, is that everyone has his own way of expression and gives different matches on several terms.
The last few days, and on the occasion of the forthcoming translations within the OPW, we reopened a discussion in the mailing list of our Team Members, to finalize some issues that concern the localization and correct, review and develop our existing glossary at Also, a handy glossary tool to support searching, filtering and the possibility of adding terms has been created at with the invaluable help of committer Tom Tryfonidis. Many thanks to mentor Efstathios Iosifidis and all other team members who participated in this effort!!
This is a very important step, which every Translation Team should go through occasionally
The goal is to deliver the same style and standardized terms on translations, so that each file, and in the final the whole work, provides precision and consistency to the local end user experience. 
Meanwhile, following reviews – translations have been completed the last two weeks within the OPW:

GNOME Infrastructure

UI Translations:
(Since "GNOME Web site • Dynamic content"  is the largest file that needs to be reviewed and translated (3653 messages — 96761 words), and in agreement with the mentor, we decided to partially go on with it each week, in order to keep the time schedule of the other translations.)


GNOME 3.12 (stable)

UI Translations:
GNOME 3.14 (development)

UI Translations:

Extra GNOME Applications (stable)

UI Translations:

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