Monday, August 18, 2014

OPW final report - Greek Translation

Finally, my first contribution to the GNOME Project within the OPW came to an end!!! I can say it was more difficult than expected and required much learning, reading and research for a simple translator like me who has no programming knowledge. 
The main job of the project was to translate and review all GNOME project files in Greek. The Greek translation of GNOME was at a good level, thanks to the work done in previous years by the members of the Greek community. After discussion with the community and my mentor, we found it useful to first do a research on available translation programs and to write a quick guide on How to start using GNOME's translation system.

In order to deliver uniformity we standardized terms and created from scratch a new glossary which took some extra time but is an important tool for all future translations. Also as a new translator Ι wanted a tool to help me search for our glossary terms among the files. The good is closed and "grep"-ing po files weren't so easy and efficient for me.
So along with the glossary, we came up with the idea to set up a pylyglot instance for our language. That was something new and experimental for Greek GNOME community, but it proved to be handy as it helped us to speed up the review and translation process. We could easily check the translated files and the consistency of the whole GNOME environment by just searching specific terms from the glossary at our pylyglot website.

Along the way, and after communication with the mentor and the other members of the community, we decided to modify the initial time schedule, aiming precision and consistency especially regarding the new release files of GNOME 3.14 which I believe has been achieved greatly.  

Many thanks to mentor Efstathios Iosifidis, Tom Tryfonidis and all other team members who helped me on this effort!!!
I can say so far the journey with GNOME has been exciting all the way. 

Thank you GNOME!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Greek Translation - OPW Report #7 – week 10-11

This week I had some strange issues with my translation files. Strings I never changed were shown as changed from me in the diff with the repository files. It seems to be a conflict with older files and I still try to figure out whether the problem my PO editor is or the localization application (l10n). If anyone had similar issues or any idea of the cause, I would appreciate any kind of help.

I'm still working on the 3.14 release files and reviewed – translated following ones:

UI Translations:
seahorse, vino, gnome-disk-utility, gdm, gucharmap, gnome-desktop           

Only translation of new strings (files have already been reviewed):
gnome-photos, file-roller, bijiben, iagno, gnome-shell, gnome-control-center, gitg, Evince Document Viewer, gedit, gnome-boxes, gnome-klotski, gnome-mahjongg, gnome-sudoku, dconf, tracker, gtksourceview, gnome-maps, gnome-weather

GNOME User Documentation, gtk-doc

Sunday, July 20, 2014

OPW Report #6 – week 8-9

Following reviews – translations in Greek language have been completed the last two weeks within the OPW:
UI Translations:
network-manager-applet, tracker, zenity, anjuta, glade, Gtk+, gtksourceview, Gtk+ • Property Nicks, devhelp, gnome-sudoku, gnome-tetravex
gnome-mines, four-in-a-row, bijiben, lightsoff, quadrapassel, gnome-robots, gedit, anjuta, Evince Document Viewer

The files of past two weeks were larger in size and very demanding regarding the revision with many errors for correction. Fortunately the version 3.14 is almost ready! Only a few files have to be reviewed and some strings to be translated that have been added afterwards.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

OPW Report #5 – week 6-7

As expected the 3.14 files took much more time than the others and not so much for the untranslated strings as for reviewing and correcting the existing ones. Many PO files where updated last week and strings where added while translating them, so I had to reserve them twice for translation.
Completed files within the OPW:
UI Translations:
mutter, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gnome-shell-extensions, gnome-online-accounts, gnome-contacts, file-roller, gnome-bluetooth, baobab, gnome-user-share, gnome-music, gnome-maps, yelp, gnome-shell, gnome-screenshot, gnome-photos, gnome-initial-setup, Evince Document Viewer, gnome-control-center, aisleriot, gnome-sound-recorder, gnome-boxes, gedit, bijiben, gnome-chess, gnome-weather, totem, rygel, polari, gnome-software, gnome-terminal, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-packagekit, gnome-sudoku, gnome-mines, gnome-mahjongg, gnome-klotski, folks, iagno, libgdata, libsoup, evolution-data-server, GLib, grilo-plugins, gcr, gvfs           

UI Translations:

Plans for the next two weeks:
Remaining files of GNOME 3.14 (UI translation & Documentation)